California Advocacy

California Alliance of Caregivers Co-Sponsoring Bills for Parent Coaching and THP Programs Passed by Human Services Committee

March 27, 2019

California Alliance of Caregivers is co-sponsoring two bills that will improve the lives of and outcomes for children in foster care. AB 734 would implement parent coaching programs in pilot counties. Parents of children who have experienced trauma are often not equipped with strategies needed to provide trauma-informed, reparative parenting. Indeed, when parents do not receive the support they need and often ask for, the placement can disrupt. Placement instability and disruption further exacerbates the trauma that children in out of home care experience. Parent coaching programs have been very successful in giving parents the tools and confidence needed to provide high quality parenting to children with behavioral challenges. CAC believes that a parent coaching program will also help counties to implement AB 507, which requires counties to provide placement specific training to parents that is recommended by the Child & Family Team. It would also help counties implement AB 2247 which seeks to prevent unnecessary or abrupt placement changes.

AB 531 improves services and housing access for transition age foster youth, including the ability of currently approved caregivers to become host families. This bill would improve the scaffolding needed to launch foster youth successfully into adulthood and independence.