Caregiver Day at the Capitol

Join us in February, 2019!

On January 30, 2018, 50+ caregivers came to Sacramento to share their stories and experiences with decision-makers in order to improve supports and services for children in foster care. Caregivers were empowered by the opportunity to share their insight into the realities of foster care.

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Help bring attention to the needs of families caring for children in foster care!

Children recovering from abuse and neglect can’t do it without loving, attentive families.  Each year, thousands of relatives, extended family members, and other foster and adoptive families  step up to take in children who can no longer safely remain with their birth parents.  These families are doing the day to day work of our child welfare system, but their voices are rarely heard by the policy makers that shape the laws that impact their daily lives and experiences as caregivers.

Please join us in educating legislators in the California capitol about the realities facing families caring for children in foster care. Your voice is vitally important to the betterment of policy and child welfare practice. Please join us and share your experience and learn about pending policy decisions that affect our community.


This event is made possible by the Walter S. Johnson Foundation.