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First Annual NorCA Foster Parent Appreciation Day

March 22, 2019

The First Annual NorCA Foster Parent Appreciation Day will be May 11, 2019 in Sacramento, California. “Foster Mother’s Day,” an annual event in Los Angeles, was founded by Jeanne Pritzker in 2012. FosterMore approached organizations in Sacramento with hopes of bringing a similar event to Northern California. This fun (and free!) event is for foster, kinship, and resource families. Caregivers can REGISTER HERE. There will be food, games, entertainment, activities, giveaways, and family portraits. The event is co-sponsored by California Alliance of Caregivers, the Office of the California Foster Care Ombudsman, California Department of Social Services, and Defending the Cause Regional Alliance. The sponsors are currently soliciting volunteers, and donations of items or services for foster families. If you would like to volunteer for or donate to this event, please email Click here more information, or to download a flyer.